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Commercial Property


There are many insurance packages designed to protect you against just about every type of threat to your business. Our policy provides coverage for the property you own, including your buildings (garages and storage units included), stock, equipment, and tenant’s improvements, along with many extensions.

Coverage also extends to your business contents including furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Buildings and contents are covered on an All Risks Replacement Cost basis.

It also protects you from the loss of income that you could experience if you suffer an insured loss and are unable to operate until repairs are made. Coverage also extends to your business liability and protection of money and crime coverage.

See your nearest Porter and McMillan office for a more in-depth review of your business insurance needs. 

Home Based Business

If you operate a business from your home, you may require business liability along with contents coverage, as your existing homeowner’s policy most likely does not provide you with adequate coverage. Rest assured, Porter and McMillan is able to provide this coverage with our Home Based Business Packages. 

New Construction (COC)

While building a new commercial structure, make sure you are completely covered for all of the “What If” situations. Course of Construction insurance covers liability for any non-workers on the work site and any materials on the job site including windows, doors, etc.


For the construction trades, look to Porter and McMillan to supply coverage. From Snow Removal Contractors to Large Logging and the Oil and Gas industry, we can provide an array of packages to ensure that you’re protected. This coverage could include Course of Construction, General Liability, Tools and Materials on the job site, and Building and Office packages. 

What to Bring

Please ensure that you bring a complete description of your business operations, annual gross receipts, business experience in certifications, tickets, licenses, full replacement cost values of buildings, stock, equipment (year, make, model, serial number, attachments), tools, and building updates (year built, plumbing, heating, electrical, alarms, sprinkler systems).


Frequently Asked Questions

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We strongly recommend that you review all sums and limits insured for adequacy at least once a year. In particular, construction costs continue to escalate and we recommend that the amount of any property insured on a Replacement Cost basis be reviewed carefully to ensure the full value is identified.
The best way to arrive at a current Replacement Cost is to have the property appraised by a professional appraisal firm. This appraisal should include any increased cost due to the application of bylaws and the cost to replace underground property such as electrical, sewer, and/or water pipes.
It is important to note that your Commercial Policy may include a Co-Insurance Clause that requires you to insure to either current Replacement Value(s) or to current Actual Cash Value(s). Failure to do so may result in a Co-Insurance Penalty and/or difficulty in resolving recovery in the event of a loss.