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Commercial Liability 

Special Products

At Porter and McMillan we focus on providing optimal coverage and protection for virtually all of your business exposures. For the specialty coverage that you may require, Porter and McMillan offers a wide variety of products to enhance your overall insurance protection.

Some of these classes of coverage include:

  • Aviation

  • Boiler & Machinery Coverage

  • Cargo Coverage

  • Directors & Officers Coverage for non-profit and profit organizations

  • Employment Practices Coverage

  • Errors & Omissions Coverage

  • Special Events Coverage including trade shows and/or liquor events

  • Golf Hole-in-One Coverage

  • Professional Liability Coverage

  • Wrap Up Liability Coverage

  • Umbrella & Excess Liability Coverage

What to Bring

Please bring a complete description of business operations, annual gross receipts, business experience in certifications, tickets, and licenses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, all organizations should consider purchasing Directors & Officers Liability Insurance to protect the organization and its individual directors from alleged "wrongful acts". Such policies include coverage for damages, settlements and costs, as well as charges and expenses incurred in the defense of actions, suits, or proceedings.
No, the liability insurance that a person has on a Homeowner's, Tenant's, or Condominium Unit Owner's Policy will not cover business operations. If you own or operate a business (small or large), you will need Commercial Liability Coverage to address your business exposures.
Please be advised that commercial liability policies will not provide coverage for the liability of subcontractors. We strongly recommend that you require any and all subcontractors to maintain their own insurance coverage, and that they provide evidence of such insurance.