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Off Road Vehicle Registration and Plates are now available at Porter and McMillan Insurance. Effective November 1, 2015, registration and plates are now mandatory everywhere except private property. Individuals must carry annual ON-ROAD liability at a minimum of $200,000 to unload in a parking lot and cross a public highway/roadway. OFF-ROAD liability must also be purchased to operate an ORV on crown land and forestry roads. The fee for registration is $30 and the fee for plates is $18. If you have a snowmobile which had been previously registered, you may be eligible for a discount towards this new registration.

In addition to the required liability, we offer a variety of products to cover your ORV against damage and theft. Please call or visit us with the year, Make, Model, VIN number, and CC’s of your unit to get a quote!

Fact: You can receive discounts on your ORV insurance for being a member of an ATV or Snowmobile club! For more information please check out the FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, but private insurance often retains an amount of your premium to cover processing and administrative costs. This means that you may not receive a full refund.
Yes and no. The policy has a minimum and retained premium of $250 and the premium is fully earned after four months. So yes, if you cancel within the first four months of the effective date and if the annual premium was greater than $250. If you ask to cancel your policy after the first four months, no, you will not get a premium refund.
Yes. BC law requires that all operators and their passengers wear appropriate helmets while operating an ORV on crown land, forestry roads, and any public highways.
As of June 2015, all ORVs that will be operated on crown land, forestry roads, and public highways require registration and a minimum of $200,000 liability.