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Insuring your home and its contents can be daunting, but the team of professionals at Porter and McMillan are committed to helping you find the best insurance coverage for your individual needs.
Your Homeowners Policy will include coverage for your house, personal belongings, and liability. You will also be covered in the event of fire, theft, windstorm, water damage, and other possible losses. For more information, please contact one of our offices today.

Need a house insurance quote? Please complete this Home Evaluator Form and bring it with you to Porter and McMillan Insurance to get a head start on insuring your home!

Does your home have wood heat? Please complete our Solid Fuel Heating Questionnaire and bring it with you to Porter and McMillan!

Mobile Home

At Porter and McMillan insurance, we offer various policies to suit your needs as a mobile home owner. Our available optional coverage allows us to customize the policy just for you. Included in your Mobile Home Policy is coverage for your mobile home, personal belongings, and liability coverage. You will also be covered for potential losses such as fire, theft, windstorm, and water damage.


As a tenant, you are responsible for insuring your own personal belongings against any loss or damage, as well as damage to any part of the building or injury to others that is caused by you. Landlords have few legal responsibilities to reimburse their tenants, so it’s best to be prepared. Included in your Tenant’s Policy is coverage for your personal belongings and liability. You will also be covered for possible losses such as fire and theft. Keep in mind: if you have had any previous house or tenant’s insurance, you may be eligible for a claims free discount. Contact us today to discuss which Tenant’s Insurance is right for you!

Condominium or Townhouse

Being a condo owner has its perks, but be aware: not all of your insurance needs are covered by your condo association. While the building itself may be covered, your personal property and the costs of any improvements you make may not be. Included in your condo policy is coverage for personal belongings, liability, and building improvements. You will also be covered for events such as fire, theft, windstorm, water damage, and other possible losses.


If you own a cabin or other home-away-from-home dwelling, you can have it insured on the same policy as your home, or it can be insured separately. Do not forget to include any outbuildings and fences when determining the coverage that you need. To get a head start on insuring your seasonal home, please complete this Seasonal Evaluator Form (link to PDF, to be sent soon) and bring it with you to Porter and McMillan for a quote!

Seasonal coverage is usually more limited. For example, burglary can be covered, but not theft. Take time to understand your policy’s limits before you agree to coverage. Give us a call or visit your nearest Porter and McMillan office to get the answers that you’re looking for.


Insuring your rental property is much the same as insuring the home you live in. Make sure that it is protected in case of fire or water damage! In addition to coverage against fire and water damage, you can customize your policy to include coverage such as tenant vandalism, liability, and landlords contents.

New Construction (COC)

While building your new home, make sure that you are completely covered for those What If situations. Course of Construction insurance covers liability for any non-workers on the work site, and any materials on the job site including windows, doors, etc. The insurance covers the full value of the house and is for brand new homes only.