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Autoplan Insurance is mandatory in BC to protect you, and others, should an accident occur. At Porter and McMillan, we offer vehicle insurance with competitive rates through ICBC. Please contact us today for an insurance quote at any of our offices.

For more information about licensing, insurance, registration, and fines, please visit


There’s nothing like the open road on a sunny day. We are pleased to offer you three insurance options to cover damage and theft on your bike, alongside your basic ICBC Autoplan coverage. Ensure that your investment is fully covered through one of our competitive markets. Ask us about coverage for your riding gear as well. For more information, call our office or check some of our FAQ’s.

FACT: having safety training certifications through PG Learn to Ride or a similar safety training outfit can earn you a discount on your private motorcycle insurance. Learn how to get certified with PG Learn to Ride here

Dealer Service

When you purchase a new vehicle, you will probably be eager to drive it off the lot as soon as possible! To help you get on your way, Porter and McMillan is happy to offer on-site insurance service at your convenience. Simply ask your Auto Dealer to give us a call and we’ll be on our way. Upon arriving at the dealership, we’ll insure your vehicle on-site through ICBC so you can leave with your new plates and your new wheels!

Auto Replacement Insurance

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer full vehicle replacement coverage for up to eight years! New or previous year vehicles with mileage under 25,000 km are eligible for New Vehicle Replacement with Optiom Inc. Coverage is also available for older model vehicles. Please talk to one of our brokers today to discuss what Optiom can offer you!

Are you already covered and have a claim? Report your claim first to ICBC, get the claim number, and then contact Optiom. All claims must be reported and submitted within 90 days of the date of loss. Do not initiate repairs or replacement until authorized by Optiom. Report your claim to Optiom here!

Classic Vehicle Coverage

We are proud to offer a variety of ways to insure your classic vehicle through ICBC. To apply for collector status on your vehicle, please visit one of our offices. More information is also available through ICBC

Curious About What to Bring?

For a renewal of your current insurance, please bring either your current insurance documents or your ICBC renewal letter. 

Need to change or update your bank information? Please bring a blank cheque or an authorization form from your financial institution.

Recently purchased a new ride? For private vehicle sales, we require a signed APV9T Tax and Transfer Form (Available at any Porter and McMillan office) and a signed Vehicle Registration. Does the Registration show more than one owner? Make sure that both signatures are on the Transfer Form AND the Registration.

If you are purchasing your vehicle from a dealership, please be sure to bring a signed APV9T Tax and Transfer Form along with a Registration for used vehicles, or New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) and bill of sale for new vehicles. If you have already paid tax at the dealership, also be sure to have their dealer number or PST number.

Did you purchase your vehicle out of province? You will need a bill of sale and/or signed Vehicle Registration. Depending on the type of vehicle purchased, you may need to have it inspected at a BC inspection facility.

For more information on what to bring, or for transactions not covered above, check or give one of our offices a call.


Frequently Asked Questions

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We are pleased to offer Agreed Value Replacement Policies on a yearly basis with two private markets to choose from. Please keep in mind that Basic Autoplan Insurance is mandatory on all BC vehicles, including motorcycles. Damage and theft coverage can be purchased through ICBC on a short-term basis or yearly, but your ride will be assessed on an Actual Cash Value basis.
Yes, you will need to pass a motorcycle skills test to obtain your Learner's Licence. After at least 30 days you can take a Class 8 Licence Motorcycle road test to obtain a Novice Licence. After at least 12 months you can take a road test to obtain your Class 6 Motorcycle Licence, the last step in becoming fully licensed to ride! For more information, please visit ICBC.

One in five motorcycle crashes results in head or neck injuries for the rider. The laws in BC require that all operators and passengers wear approved motorcycle safety helmets. These laws also apply to limited-speed motorcycles. 

An exception is made for people of the Sikh religion with unshorn hair who wear full turbans. 

For more information about approved helmets, please visit the ICBC website.

BC's seating laws promote rider and passenger safety. The law requires that the operator be seated astride the driver's seat and passengers be seated behind the operator astride the passenger's seat with their feet on footpegs or floorboards. Sidecars are also appropriate seating for passengers. Any passengers, including children, who can't reach the footpegs are not permitted to ride as a passenger. 

For more information about motorcycle seating regulations, please visit the ICBC website.

The Principal Operator is the person who will be in control of the vehicle more than 51% of the time during your insurance term. This is not based on who puts the most kilometers on the vehicle, rather who has care, custody, and control of the vehicle. It is important to declare the Principal Operator correctly at the beginning of your policy term. If it is found that the Principal Operator was not properly declared, any claim you may have could be denied.
You may be eligible for a discount on your insurance if the operators of the vehicle who live in your household have held a driver's licence in Canada for more than 10 years. This is known as a 10 Year Restriction. If you have drivers who have held a licence in Canada for less than 10 years, who live in your household, or who you are financially responsible for, and who will be operating your vehicle, you will not be eligibile for this discount.
To cancel your vehicle insurance you will need to bring both of your vehicle plates and your current insurance documents. We will also need to see a piece of primary ID such as your driver's licence or birth certificate. If your vehicle has more than one owner, both owners must be present at the time of cancellation. If your vehicle is leased you will need a Notarized Power of Attorney from your leasing company, or you can contact us for further options. If you need to cancel your insurance and you are not currently in BC, you will need to contact ICBC directly.

If your decal is lost or stolen, you must call the Police Station to obtain a file number. Next you will come in to Porter and McMillan with your file number and current insurance documents to have a declaration completed and signed by you. We will send this declaration to ICBC to let them know that the decal is missing and the police have been notified. The decal will have to be replaced for a fee of $18. 

If your decal is damaged we can replace it for a fee of $18. Bring in the remaining pieces of your decal and your most current insurance documents to ensure fast and speedy replacement. 

Optional insurance coverage includes Extended Third Party Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils, Loss of Use, Roadside Plus, or RoadStar

-Extended Third Party Liability is coverage over and above your basic $200,000 third party liability limit. It will cover you in the event that you are responsible for paying to repair another vehicle, any injury costs, or other property damage as a result of a claim involving your vehicle. 

-Collision Coverage covers your own vehicle repair costs when you hit another vehicle, object, or the surface of the road and are at fault. 

-Comprehensive covers loss or damage to your vehicle from theft and vandalism, fire, earthquake, explosion, falling or flying objects (such as rock or gravel hitting your windshield), hitting a domestic or wild animal, and weather -- lightning, windstorm, hail, and rising water. Claims qualifying under your Comprehensive coverage do not affect your discount level. 

-Specified Perils protects you from loss or damage to your vehicle from theft, fire, earthquake, explosion, and weather -- lightning, windstorm, hail, rising water. *Specified Perils does not cover vandalism, glass, or animal damage. 

-Loss of Use, Roadside Plus, and RoadStar include limits for rental vehicle coverage if your vehicle is damaged and in the shop or stolen. These road packages also offer coverage to help you complete your journey if you are in an accident during a trip, along with some coverage for roadside expenses. Please contact us to find out about the full benefits of these packages, and which package will best suit your needs. 

-Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection increases the protection on your driver's licence from $1 million to $2 million. For just $25 per year, you'll be protecting yourself and your loved ones against drivers who don't carry enough liability insurance or don't have any liability insurance at all. 

If you purchase another vehicle you may use the plates and insurance off of your current vehicle for up to 10 days, given the vehicle that the plates and insurance are coming off of is no longer in your possession. The vehicle must be BC registered and the plates must match the correct type of vehicle for plate transferring (truck to truck or car to car.) The vehicle must have been sold or traded, and you must carry proof of this in the form of a Transfer Form or Bill of Sale.
Yes, but you must obtain a minimum Class 4 licence and visit us to ensure your vehicle is rated correctly. You will need a licence approved by the BC Passenger Transportation board, a National Safety Code Safety Certificate, semi-annual commercial vehicle inspections, and commercial vehicle plates. The municipality in which you operate may have more requirements as well.