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  • Allison Bogle.jpg

    Allison Bogle BA, CAIB

    Team Leader

    Allison joined Porter and McMillan in 1986! Outside of work, she is involved with soccer, is a past board member of BCISL and PGWSA, is a blood donor, and also volunteers at Highglen Montessori. Allison enjoys spending time with her family and friends at the lake and finding new adventures to go on with them. Her favourite thing is watching her children master new skills, and seeing their youthful enthusiasm for life.
  • SabinaBurns.jpg

    Sabina Burns


    Sabina started at Porter and McMillan in September of 2015. Outside of work she spends time with her family. 

  • Nicole Federucci.jpg

    Nicole Federucci FCIP, CAIB, CRM

    Account Executive

    Nicole has been with Porter and McMillan since 2007 and specializes in the Commercial Insurance sector. She is involved with various boards, including the YMCA, and is very active. Some of Nicole's favorite activities outside of work include working out at the "Y" with friends or golfing with her family.
  • Lee Hill.jpg

    Lee Hill CAIB

    Account Executive

    Lee has worked at Porter and McMillan since October of 1989. Out of the office, Lee is very involved in the Prince George community. He is a Prince George Iceman volunteer and participant, a past President of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, a Prince George Dance Festival volunteer, a participant in Judy Russell's "The Nut Cracker", and a member of the Caledonia Cross Country Ski Club. Lee enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid swimmer, biker, skier, and hockey and soccer player. He also loves to cook and travel.
  • Wendy Hinton.jpg

    Wendy Hinton CAIB

    Account Executive

    Wendy joined Porter and McMillan in 1992. She is involved in the Therapeutic Riding Association, the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike Event. Outside of work, Wendy spends time with her family. She is an avid snowmobiler, cross country skier, and horseback rider. Wendy's favorite pastime is spending time at the cabin and making cupcakes in memory of her daughter, Kallie.
  • Paul Madill.jpg

    Paul Madill CAIB

    Account Executive

    Paul has been with Porter and McMillan since 2007. His main extracurricular activity is being a taxi driver for his kid's extracurricular activities! Paul is a member of the Yellowhead Rotary Club and the Prince George Ultimate Frisbee Club. Outside of work, he loves to be with his family, play Ultimate, go to the lake, ski, hike, and read.
  • Joyce Saarikko.jpg

    Joyce Saarikko CAIB

    Account Executive

    Joyce started at Porter and McMillan in 2004. She's an avid reader, enjoys doing home renovations including drywalling and painting, and also sews when she has spare time. Joyce has two grandchildren that she loves to spend time with.
  • Stephanie Scott.jpg

    Stephanie Scott

    Account Executive

    Steph joined Porter and McMillan in 2010, but has over 20 years of experience as both a broker and an underwriter. She was involved in the 2618 Rocky Mountain Ranger Army Cadet Corps for 5 years and volunteered with the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Outside of work, Steph enjoys golfing, boating, and quading.
  • Karen Bobbie.jpg

    Karen Bobbie

    Account Manager

    Karen joined Porter and McMillan in September of 2015. She loves to host exchange students and enjoys spending time with family and friends, renovating her home, travellling, cooking, gardening and enjoying the outdoors in her free time.
  • Gloria Fischer.jpg

    Gloria Fischer

    Account Manager

    Gloria began at Porter and McMillan in 1993. She took a hiatus in 2003, but returned to the company in May of 2014.
  • Alex Clark.jpg

    Alex Clark

    Autoplan Insurance Advisor

    Alex has been with Porter and McMillan since February of 2011. Her extracurricular activities include playing in baseball, volleyball, and dodgeball leagues. Alex also golfs and snowboards, and she loves to travel and go to the lake in her free time.
  • Pamela Stanton.jpg

    Pamela Ford-Stanton

    Autoplan Insurance Advisor

    Pamela began at Porter and McMillan in April of 2015. She's a member of the Prince George Snowmobile Club and enjoys snowmobiling, dirt-biking, fishing, being adventurous in the outdoors, and spending time with her furry companion outside of work. 

  • Theresa Leonard.jpg

    Theresa Leonard

    Autoplan Insurance Advisor

    Theresa joined Porter and McMillan in March of 2013. She loves animals and was a part of the Paws for a Cause SPCA Fundraiser. Theresa enjoys cooking new recipes for her family, taking her dog out for walks, and spending quality time with friends and family. She also has a very creative side, and works with concrete to develop custom art designs.